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Learning Program Change Request (2nd Semester) | Elementary Schools

All Rutherford County Schools elementary schools are currently operating under Plan A, which provides two learning program options for students. The Full-Time Face-to-Face Learning Program provides face-to-face, on-site instruction each weekday. The Full-Time Remote Learning Program features only remote instruction. In preparation for the transition to second semester in January, we recognize that some parents may choose to change their children’s learning program.

If you would like to change your child’s learning program from face-to-face to remote, or from remote to face-to-face, then please submit that change by completing this form, or by calling your child’s school, no later than Friday, December 4, 2020. The learning program change will take effect when students return from winter break on Wednesday, January 6, 2021.

If you do not wish to change your child’s learning program, then no action is necessary.

RCS Closed for Face-to-Face Instruction on Friday, October 30

Quite a few schools across Rutherford County remain without electrical power this morning, and some area roads remain hazardous for travel, following yesterday’s passage of Tropical Cyclone Zeta. Given those conditions, Rutherford County Schools will be closed for face-to-face instruction today. We will observe an Optional Teacher Workday for school employees and a remote learning day for all students. School employees who plan to travel to their schools today should exercise caution on area roads and communicate with their immediate supervisors if any adjustments to their reporting times are necessary to ensure their safe travel.

Rutherford County Schools will operate on a two-hour delay on Friday, October 30

Periods of heavy rain and strong winds associated with Tropical Cyclone Zeta brought down numerous trees and power lines throughout Rutherford County as the storm crossed our region through the early- to mid-morning hours today, leading to impassable roads and widespread power outages. While we have seen some improvement to those conditions throughout the afternoon, some roads require additional attention and numerous schools across the county remain without power this evening.

At this time, Rutherford County Schools will operate on a two-hour delay on Friday, October 30. We will reassess road conditions and electrical service to our school campuses overnight tonight and announce any additional adjustments to tomorrow’s school schedule no later than 7:00 AM tomorrow morning. Please be alert to the possibility that tomorrow's initial delay could become a closure if conditions do not significantly improve during the overnight hours.
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